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Friday, September 30, 2011

Sheds at Blue Rocks (sold)

The Festival (Sold)

 A friends daughter dressed as a mermaid at Hirtles Beach.

In Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada, every year, we have The Scarecrow Festival.  There is something pre-Halloweenish about the whole thing. People and businesses grace their homes with these amazingly creative scarecrows of every kind. Not the ordinary "hang in the corn field" type. I have a great respect for those, don't get me wrong. However, the artistic flair of the ones during this weekend  are second to none. Every year I add to my own display. I have (of course) a mermaid. Over the past few years I have become more and more attached to her. The first year, she was single. The following year, I decided she would have a child mermaid . I watch as the tourists snap photos of her. I thought for next year, perhaps I will introduce a "toy boy" merman.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wednesday, September 28, 2011



Today, I took my laundry out to hang in the sun. I decided that instead of rushing around, and getting much more mundane chores done, I would take my paints to the deck. My laundry hangs on a long line that overlooks my garden.  As of late, I have given up on trying to be a domestic diva. I hate stuff like that but have always strived to be spic and span like my grandmother. Sorry Gran. So instead, I did a quick painting of the towels that I had washed instead of mopping the floors. (Not a difficult decision to make).   

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Balance (sold)

Heart In Hand 

It can be difficult to write about your experiences in life and art. Many different people read this. It takes a careful choosing of words. It shouldn't be that way.  There are the experiences that are not so great, and you are afraid that the people involved may read what you say.  I am very careful not to name names. Then there are the people whose names you want to shout. They inspire you, make you want to be a better person.  There are the artists in my life, there are the students, acquaintance's and  very close friends. or just the stranger that rescues you from a flat tire on the road. What to say? I told you that there may be evenings where there is wine spilled on the keyboard... perhaps this is one of those....

Monday, September 26, 2011

Robin Crickmer

Gary Slye Photography
Christian Herridge Photography

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Bistro (Acrylic on Canvas) Sold

I have been to many bistro and bars . During my years as an artist in training, my friends and I ventured to more than a few. Artist's are notorious for their "long into midnight and beyond" discussions at these places.  We were either drinking too much and speaking of something philosophical, or just drinking too much . It was sometimes extremely difficult to produce 4 paintings in a week. Thus our  let's let off some steam attitude .  Hey! It was what it was.  Our favourite was the  bar across the street. The usual hangout for artists, writers and the like.  In this case,  the "like" are the creatures that you must avoid. They are still out there, as they always will be. Perhaps they need some salt peter and a leash.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Past (It Was Her Passion-Mixed Medium SOLD)

There is a time in your life, if you are lucky enough to recognize it... that family is so important.  It  is a rare occurance, when I speak to both my parents and my sister on the phone, all in the same evening.  It's funny, I had a feeling that all was right with the world as I set the receiver down, after the last call.    
One had a question, one needed assistance and one, I just wanted to tell them that their daughters loved them.
Although my childhood was perhaps not perfect, (whose is?) I think that perhaps it was much more than I thought it was, in a good way. I am lucky.
I had a day where "speak" of family was the topic.  It is how we handle what has transpired in the past that either makes us, or produces bitterness.  I'm so glad that I'm not bitter.  

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Unfinished Sunflowers

I paint many subjects. My favourite seems to be flowers. Although they are often alien looking. It is how I see them.  I am convinced that I don't see the world's colours as they truly are.  People, all my life, have said that I see the world  through rose coloured glasses. Perhaps why, I get in trouble sometimes. You know what? I will accept the consequences. I would rather feel, be honest, cry my eyes out and see the dark colours that surround me at the time, because the flip side of that, is this brightly "coloured palette" of a world.  If you feel deeply when you are sad, then you are able to feel just as joyously happy at the good... I wouldn't trade that for anything...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Cow is born! I know.. I never get that right.(Sold)

A Cow (Abstractish)

I had the most wonderful email from a dear friend. You know those kind of days when you feel like perhaps you will leave no legacy except for a bunch of dusty old paintings? (When I mentioned this thought to someone I know, they told me that perhaps I should think about getting a job.) I thought I had one, but you know, some people think that artists don't really work. Sort of like S. Harper (PM) who thinks that artists just want to go to art openings...What a big dick... I do go off on tangents at times. Anyway, after reading her email, I felt uplifted. Thanks for that dear friend!
My friend "B"  bought a beautiful country home in the province of Ontario. I still have the pic that she sent me when the purchase had been made. It is truly lovely. So.....I awoke this morning to an email that a baby cow (I know, I am three and still can't wrap my head around calling the little darling a calf) had been born at 7:17 p.m.  She told me that she had named the "baby cow" after me. (yes, my birth name including my middle name too)  I was overjoyed.  In celebration of the birth, I did a work as a tribute!
Thanks again "B"...
P.S. The book in the library of  Dr. G.W.  is such an honour! You rock!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nova Scotia's Contemporary Artists - Volume II

I was very pleased  to be included in the book Nova Scotia's Contemporary Artists - Volume II by Dee Appleby.  One of the works I included had been sold prior to printing but thanks to the book, the other two left my hands thereafter. I was a little bit sad to see them go. They happened to be two of my faves.   I remember the very first painting I sold. (and no, not to a relative) I actually cried a bit and gave it a kiss goodbye. Wacky eh?
Wolume II cover art by Jose Valverde 

Monday, September 19, 2011

After some humming and hawing (SOLD)

After some humming and hawing I decided to donate this work to MICA. It is always such a struggle to decide. Each time I contribute to a charity, I want it to be a success "sale" for them. I have found that  my work is somewhat larger than works usually  donated.  Only because I am so flamboyant when I paint that small canvas just don't do it for me.  I have tried. I have a gazillion small cottons on stretchers, strewn about my studio, in the hopes that one day, I will be able to paint a small work. I think I should just admit that I can't and put up a huge 12X14 footer, slather myself in paint ( I have always wanted to do this) and create.....It reminds me of a person I know who paints their ceilings naked with nothing but a shower cap on.  I would love to do this too, however, where I live, it would be the talk of the town.... (you know, the small village thing) They would have me committed in an instant...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Great Day!

Every year I donate a few paintings to some great charities. Anything concerning animals, the environment or shelters are my favourites. The most recent is to MICA.  A wonderful group of people. Their mission is " to protect and conserve the natural environment of the islands and shoreline of Mahone Bay, and the traditional, social and recreational opportunities valued by its various communities."  

Off the painting went today, to be picked up in the next couple of days. Every year they hold a gala dinner and auction. This year, the 2011 (9th annual) MICA Gala Dinner and Auction will be held at the Atlantica Hotel and Marina at Oak Island. for more info, visit   mahoneislands.ns.ca 
So now I think I will have a skinny girl cocktail and throw around some paint!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Finally completed. Now to finish my commissions.

I have a few commissions that MUST be finished. At least I have finished one recent painting. Yay me!

 It is the time of year for fruit flies and although I am not a huge fan of them landing in my wine and food, I do respect them for the ability and speed at which they procreate.  It does become a problem though, when they are in such a "gang" that they begin writing graffiti on my kitchen cupboards. Little messages such as "leave us more tomatoes" and "we like the red grapes you are buying."  I decided that I really must do something. Being the critter sensitive person that I am, I thought the best way to rid my kitchen of them was to "throw them their own party." I thought to myself, if you guys like my wine so much, I will leave you some in a little wine glass. OK, so the next morning, there was evidence of  some obvious over drinkers in the crowd. We all know what can come of a night of  too much spirits. I think that the party got out of hand in the night and I found myself with a hell of a lot more than the day before.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Big Huge Thanks!

I am overwhelmed at the responses to my  "chattering on".  Thank you for your messages.  I love the fact that you are emailing and I feel as though we all have a connection.  Life is an art, so I believe we are all artists.....( thus, a common thread runs through) . I have, and intend to answer all thoughts that have been sent to me. Thank you again....

The Sleep (pen and watercolour) SOLD

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nude (conte on paper) SOLD

I studied life drawing all through art school. I loved it. I saw bodies of all shapes and sizes over those years. My favourite was
 this amazing looking man who would upon exiting the curtained change room,  be followed by wafts of sweet smelling smoke.  Hmmm.... perhaps that is the reason for the wonderful works that came out of the class each time he was there.   

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Foodie that I am.....

I grow herbs in my garden. There is nothing like the fresh smell of Basil. I have a friend who owns an amazing restaurant here. The chef there recently payed a visit and he (of course) had been out picking fresh local mushrooms for one of his culinary delights. He was kind enough to give me a couple and they were so beautiful. He suggested I paint them. I will for sure.. I have photographed them (as I want to eat them immediately).

I dropped off some freshly picked Basil from my garden to the restaurant and upon walking in the back door to the kitchen, wished I could set up a table right there in that kitchen, and watch them cook as I devour all that wonderful food. I will begin to work this evening on "the mushrooms". This painting is purely for me. I will hang it in my kitchen, so that whenever I make an attempt to be a culinary whiz, I will stare at it longingly. Perhaps I will post it. P.S. Yes you guys.. I will bring in the mint!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Career decisions in Kindergarten...

Nap time in Kindergarten class was always a struggle for me. I would lie on my little mat, staring up at the ceiling with its brightly coloured stars which I noticed (even at that tender age of 5) were slightly crooked and curling at the edges. It bugged me. I was annoyed at that and could never sleep. Just wanted to chat endlessly to my mat mate about the disgraceful condition of  those lovely stars. I was met with only little snores and drools. I have fond memories of Kindergarten. Mrs. Claus (yes truly, that was her real name and yes, I am sure now, that she was not Santa's wife) was a large and lovable woman. Firm, yet kind. One day she gathered us together in our usual circle. Our question of the day was "what do you want to be when you grow up?"  When it was my turn to "share", without hesitation, I announced I was going to be a mermaid. I remember the giggles from my small classmates. Guess I was the only 5 year old that didn't get the memo. Can't be a mermaid. Being quite adamant, of course I stuck to my guns. Years later, after waiting for my mermaid tail to grow, I realized it wasn't to be. At the grown up age of 12, I decided an astronaut would do just fine. Visiting a travelling carnival with a tilt a whirl ride where I proceeded to pass out during one of the many spins the ride would take, nipped that in the bud. The one common thread, that ran throughout my life was to be an artist. Thank the Goddesses for that.

The Mermaid (Mixed Medium)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Sometimes it isn't so fun!

OK, so after procrastinating for a few weeks now, I finally got off my butt and organized my studio. I do have a good excuse though. I was lazy. Yup, that's my good excuse.  All the other artists out there know how that feels. The air is quite often blue. Throwing out tubes of paint that are barely usable breaks our hearts. We are not a ruthless breed and tend to save small drops of the last bit of Quin Red just in case. I think A&E should have a show on artists and their hoarding of art supplies.  After spending 20 minutes trying to decide whether to save an old "discovery painting", I caved and took it outside to the fire pit and burned it. I stood there with glass of wine in hand and watched it disappear.  Felt good to do it and after clearing my head of that, had a whole renewed sense of "let's get to it".  I know that I have gone into near convulsions when other artist friends of mine have burned unwanted works..so..I take it all back. You are right! Forgive me for being a harpy.

Information requested for Landscape Acrylic and Silver Pen...

Hello there! Thank you for the wonderful comment on the painting below. Yes, it is in the gallery at this time. It is 10 x 24" The price is $295.00  For more detailed info please feel free to email me personally at  anyapaint@yahoo.com or email link on blog. Thank you for your interest....

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Cocktail Party (Sold)

There have been many discussions on the origin of  where the word "cocktail" came  from.  My own personal theory is that the Rooster crows in the morning.... however at the end of the day..being the "tail end" of the rooster... makes it time for a "cocktail".(perhaps that complicated explanation means that it has reached the cocktail hour)   Yay... Cocktail time. Who knows, it is truly a moot point...  However.. here is my under painting of  "Cocktail Hour".....

Monday, September 5, 2011

Finally a Publicist!

Wow! Am I one lucky artist. I have my own publicist. She is amazing. We are so much alike and she works miracles.  You rock!!! 
I really really tried to organize my studio today as I can't even find Phthalo blue when I need it. I could  try scraping it off the studio floor. (yes it's that bad) Why are artist's so  ^%$#@#!@ messy? Ok, perhaps only I am.  My hands and clothes tell the tale. I know, my artist friends laugh at me for it. 
My car was once broken into and  I called the Police. The officer arrived at my door only to see me covered in paint with a huge streak of  magenta red across my cheek. He asked me if I was ok. No, I am not bleeding to death, just a sloppy artist.
 I teach art and one of my students did a "blind drawing" of me, so am posting it. I love that my students (I must add that they are young students) can identify the masters now and their styles.  They make me proud.

Friday, September 2, 2011


I was having lunch today with a kindred spirit and fellow artist. I began to tell them about a dream I had last night.  I do apologise for distracting them to the point where they burned the mushrooms that were sauteing on the stove top. 
I was married for just one year. How strange to even say that.  It seems as though it never really happened as it was so short.  It has been years since then. Even so,  for the first time in, well, forever, I had a dream about it. Not the Martin Luther King type dream.... a mundane type of  dream about that relationship.  
It was odd today as I went through some older paintings that I had done, I came across this one....
I remember the night I put it on canvas. I heard a song on a CD that I had danced to at my wedding. I bolted up the stairs to the dusty attic , and scrounged around for that white thing I knew was lurking there somewhere. Found it! I hauled it down the stairs and dragged it to the studio.  I hooked it onto the armour door and grabbed a brush.  Long ago, a wonderful soul, saw something in this and off it went to their home. I thank them for that, as I feel a part of what happened in my past is appreciated, and hangs on their wall. (even though they haven't a clue what my inspiration was) I did two of these. One included the veil that I wore. It was entitled "What was she thinking?"  The place where that one hangs is also unknown to me but the same holds true, part of my life is hanging on your wall.  

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