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Thursday, August 23, 2012

My House doesn't like me!

Tangled Garden II   $475.00 (framed)

No one would ever believe me. I was locked out of my house before (as readers have read) but this time.... my house decided to lock me out!  Not a mistake on my part at all. I realize that moments before,  I had cussed at it aloud over its leaky bathtub faucet, but come on, it has now taken on a very cranky personality. Now, I must choose my words very carefully in the future.  I went out to hang some laundry on the line and then shut the door behind me. The door knob stuck. There I was stranded on that deck of mine which is on the second floor. So it's 102 degrees and all I can do is stand there, clothes pins in hand. I started to pray for a handsome stranger to walk by so I could begin yelling "help, help".  No such luck. Only fast cars and motor bikes.  I began to talk to my house. I was debating going up to the exterior walls and stroking them lovingly hoping it would forgive me my transgression. Ok, so I did but the door was still jammed. I decided  that this was not the time to recall all the survivor shows that I had seen. It was time to fight the battle against the house. Taking off my flip flops (I think better without them) I put my feet up on the table... and stared at the window (thank god there is one) and decided the removal of the screen was my best bet.  That part was easy.. I grabbed a cute little hair pin I had in my hair,  popped out the screen and in I climbed. The floor was a good 4 feet down but the satisfaction of being in good enough shape to slither through the window and rescue myself was very satisfying!  Guess I don't need rescuing after all...... I can rescue myself.  Lesson learned...Again.     

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