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Monday, September 19, 2011

After some humming and hawing (SOLD)

After some humming and hawing I decided to donate this work to MICA. It is always such a struggle to decide. Each time I contribute to a charity, I want it to be a success "sale" for them. I have found that  my work is somewhat larger than works usually  donated.  Only because I am so flamboyant when I paint that small canvas just don't do it for me.  I have tried. I have a gazillion small cottons on stretchers, strewn about my studio, in the hopes that one day, I will be able to paint a small work. I think I should just admit that I can't and put up a huge 12X14 footer, slather myself in paint ( I have always wanted to do this) and create.....It reminds me of a person I know who paints their ceilings naked with nothing but a shower cap on.  I would love to do this too, however, where I live, it would be the talk of the town.... (you know, the small village thing) They would have me committed in an instant...

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