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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Foodie that I am.....

I grow herbs in my garden. There is nothing like the fresh smell of Basil. I have a friend who owns an amazing restaurant here. The chef there recently payed a visit and he (of course) had been out picking fresh local mushrooms for one of his culinary delights. He was kind enough to give me a couple and they were so beautiful. He suggested I paint them. I will for sure.. I have photographed them (as I want to eat them immediately).

I dropped off some freshly picked Basil from my garden to the restaurant and upon walking in the back door to the kitchen, wished I could set up a table right there in that kitchen, and watch them cook as I devour all that wonderful food. I will begin to work this evening on "the mushrooms". This painting is purely for me. I will hang it in my kitchen, so that whenever I make an attempt to be a culinary whiz, I will stare at it longingly. Perhaps I will post it. P.S. Yes you guys.. I will bring in the mint!

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