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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Unfinished Sunflowers

I paint many subjects. My favourite seems to be flowers. Although they are often alien looking. It is how I see them.  I am convinced that I don't see the world's colours as they truly are.  People, all my life, have said that I see the world  through rose coloured glasses. Perhaps why, I get in trouble sometimes. You know what? I will accept the consequences. I would rather feel, be honest, cry my eyes out and see the dark colours that surround me at the time, because the flip side of that, is this brightly "coloured palette" of a world.  If you feel deeply when you are sad, then you are able to feel just as joyously happy at the good... I wouldn't trade that for anything...


  1. I could not wait to get to Italy and see rows of Sunflowers. Our guide said "your 2 months too late" I say row upon row of black dried stalks. Then I see your painting and know that these are more beautiful then anything I could have seen in Canino. cause you painted them.
    thanks b


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