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Monday, September 5, 2011

Finally a Publicist!

Wow! Am I one lucky artist. I have my own publicist. She is amazing. We are so much alike and she works miracles.  You rock!!! 
I really really tried to organize my studio today as I can't even find Phthalo blue when I need it. I could  try scraping it off the studio floor. (yes it's that bad) Why are artist's so  ^%$#@#!@ messy? Ok, perhaps only I am.  My hands and clothes tell the tale. I know, my artist friends laugh at me for it. 
My car was once broken into and  I called the Police. The officer arrived at my door only to see me covered in paint with a huge streak of  magenta red across my cheek. He asked me if I was ok. No, I am not bleeding to death, just a sloppy artist.
 I teach art and one of my students did a "blind drawing" of me, so am posting it. I love that my students (I must add that they are young students) can identify the masters now and their styles.  They make me proud.

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