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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Soaker Level!

A collection of Wellies

I have these boots. Yes, another bloody collection. I absolutely love wellies, galoshes, rubbers (not the kind you are thinking, the ones that don your feet) I have not a foot fetish at all. It isn't even a love for tons of rain. It is the wonderful feeling of putting on a really cute pair of wellies, rolling up your boyfriend jeans, and heading out into the wet weather.  Nowhere in particular to go..just some place where you can show off, not your Prada heels, but your colourful patterned rain boots. 
It is amazing that when people get a buzz in their ear that you love or collect something they start to remember you when they cross the path of one of these "items". Tonight some friends dropped by and gave me the most perfect pair of  children's wellies... I love that! I was so excited that I hauled out some of my rain boots, a polka dot umbrella, threw them all together and  took a pic.. I only wish I had a size 7 1/2 of these little boots they brought. They  have a  level of water and the threat to the wearer on them. I wish life would warn you the same way these little rain boots do. They say at the very top.."Soaker Danger". If only we had that!    Ok... Yes, I am still 3 years old at heart.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Quick Lunenburg Sketch...on a napkin

I sat at the harbour in my car one day with my veggie Subway sub which I now know perhaps may not be an actual 6" long but only 5".. (I have a theory about that but it is probably too sexist to comment on) OK, I will.  It must be males that started up the Subway chain and we know how they do exaggerate at times...hmmm... Anyway, I am never without something to draw with so I sat  my "6 inch" sandwich down and opened the glove compartment and rustled through it for my ink pen. Still not sure why they call it a glove compartment as mine is stuffed full of everything but gloves. Had a very happy moment when I found my Wonder Women Pez smiling up at me. That is a good omen!
 It's a struggle to close my "glove compartment" at the best of times and usually done with a high heel and a good kick. Don't even try to picture this... yes, one leg swung over from the drivers seat. It can be done you know. I found my pen and grabbed a spare napkin......an artist that will not draw or write on the nearest "support"?  Not likely! 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A tree (watercolour) 8x8" sold
  I always get a chuckle when folks discuss Existentialism.  I remember when I was about nine years old finding a book in our overloaded bookshelf  "Existentialism and Totalitarianism .  Our "library" (this description  I use quite loosely) was full of  Maoism, Marxism, Leninism etc...Anthropology, Archeology, Psychology  etc etc. Yes, at nine years of age I actually thumbed through them. I obviously did not understand those things at that time, however,  later in life I understood much more about them.
I did know that I lived in a very different household than many people I knew.
This is confirmed when your parent allows you to view a Mark Prent exhibit when you are 12.  It was a great experience even if it was a little gruesome.  My contribution at nine years old to our again, "library" was taking out the dictionary and being a young artist at that time, drawing pictures in the margins beside the definitions. Oops!  
But what makes me laugh when I just hear the word existential....  it reminds me of someone I knew a couple of years ago, that tried to throw that word out there to impress.  I always think of him and smile. I said nothing when he said he "studied it".  

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Agent "J"

Orchids..commission sold

I am now officially enamoured with Agent "J" at Bell Aliant.
I have struggled with the wars of technology. By this I mean phone companies and Internet providers for home use. I now have become a bit of a schmoozer girl. I don't believe in playing people one against the other but when it comes to the big "corps" it is a necessary evil. 
So, I am trying to get the best possible deal on the planet. Yes, isn't that the way to survival. Now, don't get me wrong, I have done many  things for free. I have decorated and colour consulted for folks and businesses. I have aided friends with their painting projects either on canvas or walls, even taught for free at times but when it comes to huge companies making big bucks all bets are off. 
So today I spent , I have to say, a wonderful time on the phone with as I call him "agent J" at Bell Aliant.  I decided to treat agent "J" as if he were a boyfriend.... I told him him how much I loved him (Bell Aliant) and then proceeded to let him know that it was time we  perhaps needed  to"break up" as Eastlink was calling me and wooing me on a date with them... Just like a wanting beau, he gave me a deal I could not resist. I accepted.... I am now paying next to nothing and feel like a girlfriend well treated....

Sunday, January 20, 2013

A spoon full of Organic Almond Butter...

Organized Chaos  (Mixed Medium- Sold)
Last night was spent eating Organic Almond Butter off a spoon and watching Pirates of the Caribbean. OK, so at least I had Johnny Depp to stare at while I dipped my spoon into that supposedly organic jar of pseudo peanut butter.  Actually, I have become really addicted to that stuff.  It is supposed to be so much better for you than the poor little peanuts that grow in the ground and are apparently contaminated. So, because almonds grow on trees they aren't? Perhaps the bad nasty stuff that permeates the soil  takes longer to climb up a tree? Whatever...
I wonder if  Johnny Depp eats almond butter or peanut butter? Either way,  Johnny and Almond Butter go together like Chocolate and Peanut Butter..... so I guess this is my new Reese's .......         

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Charcoal on canvas......a quick sample for my students

There are many things that are competitive but here, I want an atmosphere of exploring ones creativity and self, concentrating on only that. It is very important that students have a positive, happy experience while learning techniques, art history, self esteem as well as producing some wonderful work. Art must be fun. It is not a math or science nor a competition. It can teach us to think outside the box which in turn makes us even stronger in those subjects and as well makes us better human beings. Rejoice in what your child has done. Be pleased that they have the courage and willingness to attempt these things and put them out there for all to see.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A buzzing of the heart!

What does a buzzing of the heart really mean? What does it mean to you? It just popped into my head after a few accolades. I actually stopped and thought about how good it feels to be complimented. Then, yes! It is a buzzing feeling in the heart. It is like wanting to break out the champagne on New Years Eve or, at some other wonderful celebration. Yes, that's it!  Cheers to all of us receiving more praise. It is healthy for the heart and mind...

Sunday, January 6, 2013

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Students study Andy Warhol..Their take on "shoes" ... This was the "warm up" today... Not finished but I love what they have done so far as a group. This, on canvas..... to be completed next class.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My New Year Resolutions

Ink and Acrylic on Canvas (Sold)

Every year we make resolutions that we think we will stick to.  I thought about some of the things that were perhaps bad for me that I should give up, or even things that I should change in my life. Problem is, those  that I thought of really weren't that much of a disgrace. It's not like years ago,  when I had  an addiction to Hickory Sticks. You know those smokey little sticks that if you are an addict, you desperately try to muffle the noise of the bag when you open it? Ya, those ones. I managed to give those up. It was painful. Frightfully so.
Mac and Cheese..just can't do it...my wine..don't think so...oh, and as far as things I should change in my life..not now..it's all working for me. So... I finally decided that I would give up Lima Beans and Brussel Sprouts....I think we should set ourselves up for success and not failure. 
P.S.  I guess you get the idea that I strongly dislike those two foods....Happy New Year.

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