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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Unfinished but still working on.....Iris in Coloured Conte, Charcoal and Pastel

I am slowly learning "man speak". Things like " I like you but I am not enamoured"... (which I found out later to really mean that I adore you, but just can't admit it at this moment because then you might have the upper hand) and " I can't believe that I love you."...  I choose to take it as a compliment..as at the time, I was probably saying something so crazy that no one on the planet could possibly even consider me even nearly human. So for someone to say that, means a great deal. Again, found out that yes, they did not see me as an alien creature with three tongues and six eyes, but, I happened to be  saying something beyond earthly at the time. Another smooth one was "No, you weren't my first love, you are my one true love"... Yes! Men say these things. In my limited study of these testosterone filled creatures (I mean creatures in a very respectful way) I have learned they do not differ from us (the estrogen filled creatures) very much at all. Perhaps a slight difference in  the delivery of the words.
 I bought a CD for the car once... to learn Italian.... Loved it... hmmm... now there is a thought!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ok so....

HP and Ketchup on white plate.
 (photo courtesy of  S.R.C)

Ok so I haven't written in eons..So I sat a blank canvas up on my easel. Stared at it for awhile then decided that I needed to wash my floors. After that I decided it was time to perhaps eat something. Then went back and stared at the canvas again. I thought about drawing a vertical black line a little off the centre (just to be a little edgy) and then thought "no too edgy" and also a little lame.
So then I poured a glass of wine. I was sure that it would fill me not only with, well, wine, but that a flood of creative ideas would spark from my fingertips. HA.. not so much.  
You know you have to get your *&%* together when all you can come up with is the above.... a self portrait and your signature in HP and Ketchup on a white plate after you have had that "something to eat!" 

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