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Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Great Day!

Every year I donate a few paintings to some great charities. Anything concerning animals, the environment or shelters are my favourites. The most recent is to MICA.  A wonderful group of people. Their mission is " to protect and conserve the natural environment of the islands and shoreline of Mahone Bay, and the traditional, social and recreational opportunities valued by its various communities."  

Off the painting went today, to be picked up in the next couple of days. Every year they hold a gala dinner and auction. This year, the 2011 (9th annual) MICA Gala Dinner and Auction will be held at the Atlantica Hotel and Marina at Oak Island. for more info, visit   mahoneislands.ns.ca 
So now I think I will have a skinny girl cocktail and throw around some paint!

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