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Monday, September 12, 2011

Career decisions in Kindergarten...

Nap time in Kindergarten class was always a struggle for me. I would lie on my little mat, staring up at the ceiling with its brightly coloured stars which I noticed (even at that tender age of 5) were slightly crooked and curling at the edges. It bugged me. I was annoyed at that and could never sleep. Just wanted to chat endlessly to my mat mate about the disgraceful condition of  those lovely stars. I was met with only little snores and drools. I have fond memories of Kindergarten. Mrs. Claus (yes truly, that was her real name and yes, I am sure now, that she was not Santa's wife) was a large and lovable woman. Firm, yet kind. One day she gathered us together in our usual circle. Our question of the day was "what do you want to be when you grow up?"  When it was my turn to "share", without hesitation, I announced I was going to be a mermaid. I remember the giggles from my small classmates. Guess I was the only 5 year old that didn't get the memo. Can't be a mermaid. Being quite adamant, of course I stuck to my guns. Years later, after waiting for my mermaid tail to grow, I realized it wasn't to be. At the grown up age of 12, I decided an astronaut would do just fine. Visiting a travelling carnival with a tilt a whirl ride where I proceeded to pass out during one of the many spins the ride would take, nipped that in the bud. The one common thread, that ran throughout my life was to be an artist. Thank the Goddesses for that.

The Mermaid (Mixed Medium)

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