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Friday, April 27, 2012

The problem with names...

Sold....and I didn't name it..
Silkscreen and Monotype combined

I did this for pure pleasure. The paint had barely dried, someone saw something they liked in it and off it went. Well, isn't that what art is about? 
 This brings me to names...I was out last night and it's funny, I have two of them. Yes, Anya is sort of similar to my real first name however, an amazing artist I met eons ago, was painting with me and he pronounces his  "j"s as "y"s. I won't get into much more of that but the new name stuck. I kept it. The problem only arises when my long time friends and family introduce me in the "old way".  I like it. They know me as both.  So last night my S.O introduced me as, well, the old name. Two seconds later, someone came up to me and I introduced myself as Anya. I laughed at the quizzical look on peoples faces. Not a problem, I am an artist, I am quirky and I will call myself whatever I want to be called. Who knows, perhaps I'll really screw everyone up and change it again. (just kidding) And no I am not running from the law.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Iris- when we're tired and sad....we paint what we feel.. rough edges and all.

Iris (Sold)

This painting is perhaps "primary" looking. I must explain. It was painted after Swiss Air flight 111 crashed into the sea. I remember it was my first night in Nova Scotia at the "Dog Bite" motel. I was in bed, and heard what sounded like an explosion muffled under something.  Only way I can describe it. I sat up, and my dog Barclay, raised his head with that tilt that dogs do when they are listening and deciphering sound. I,  for some reason had a sinking feeling. I get that when things happen sometimes.  An explosion perhaps? The next day as I wandered out of my motel  room door, I met our "neighbour" a great old salt of the earth ex fisherman, who informed me of the crash. I thought to myself...I heard the sound of the last of those passengers lives.  I am reminded of this as there was a documentary on this evening about the accident and the lives lost.. I will never ever forget that.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Insulting Canada Post Oops!

Watercolour and Pen (Sold)

 Every day, Bedford the amazing yellow Lab takes his regular trips in town. He starts by going inside the local coffee/gift store and lies down while his human companion sips coffee and reads the paper. He is then off to the Post Office and sometimes the bank. At all places he is fussed over, given his own personal treats (kept at each location for him with his name on them) and cooed at by all that see him. Now Bedford needs no lead, no guidance as to what to do. He is smart as a whip.  Really! No joke! He has become quite the mascot among the people of the small town where he lives. 
The other day I was discussing one of the gentleman that works at the Post Office. Not a bad guy but just a bit too forward for my liking.  I should have known better. Bedford was listening to the whole conversation. He understands human language better than some humans I know.  I should have remembered that.  So he made his usual trip the next day and upon entering the Post Office lifted his leg and peed VERY closely to this person who I had been discussing. This never happens. He is too well trained and behaved.  I will from now on, whisper if discussing someone...or wait.. this could come in handy..     

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Another day another dollar...

Villa in Italy (Sold)

So this week I have sold a couple of paintings. This was cause for me to go out and get my self some extra things that I wanted and of course, being the responsible (on occasion) person that I am, to pay off some bills as well. I was also able to bank a little more for my villa in Italy.  I will buy an old place that needs lots of love and fixing up.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Not Again!!!!

Pen and Ink (Sold)
Not my brakes again!!! Yes. That
 is now 4 times in 2 months. Now it must be said that I am not having them repaired by my hillbilly handfishin' relative, who lies in the driveway under the car bellowing for another brewski! They have been repaired at a reputable mechanics garage. Should I get the hint? Either the universe is sending me a message or perhaps my "reputable" mechanic is as they say "not so much".
It makes me wonder about the universe, the messages it sends or if you don't believe all that, who might gain from your demise! OK, so art work, perhaps in another 60 to 100 years. Probably not worth knocking me off for. Insurance, don't have any..(it just gives people reason to "knock you off") It all makes me wish that I had taken Auto Mechanics in high school so I could crawl under that big heap of metal and fix this stuff myself.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Finger Painting (sold)

Finger painting......(Sold)

I was standing, paints in front of me in my studio, and decided  not to use any brushes but only my hands to paint. Back to the days of finger painting. I know this is a bit scrappy and all, but loved every minute of it! Nails come in handy sometimes!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wow! Two postings in one day! My students and I

Floral (Sold)

Blues Skies Shining Above

Students "getting" skies......

My students are working on a mural as we have been studying Emily Carr. I was so excited tonight as I stopped for a moment on a painting that I was working on.....glanced over at their mural and realized, they have got it! The song from My Fair Lady rang in my ears. "By George She's Got it"  The mixture of blues, the dark to light.

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