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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The "Dark One"

I have finally mustered up the courage to post the "dark one".  It  speaks volumes for me.  Although painted over 4 years ago, I have taken a huge step to publish this work. 
 I am a chameleon.  I feel comfortable in everything from Vintage Doc Martins to stiletto's. I have a different face for different people.  Only a few know all sides of me. If a list was written with names, it would be a total of three.

 I hold the world but as the world, Gratiano,
A stage where every man must play a part,
And mine a sad one."
The Merchant of Venice (I, i, 77-79)

Man Alone 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Jack Layton we will miss you.

I had the honour of meeting Mr. Layton twice. Once at the Cheesecake Gallery in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia and at the Airport while awaiting a flight.  He was an amazing human being. He will be missed by all. He met Annie, the beautiful Shar Pei who was a princess at the Cheesecake.  I know that they both will be seeing each other in the wonderful place they are... Give Jack a big  doggie kiss for us Annie, and Jack, give her a kiss on her snout from all of us........  

Monday, August 22, 2011

Getting there in more ways than one.(phase 2 of work in progress) Sold

My family history has come up a couple of times today. Odd how that happens. Perhaps, once in  awhile, you need  to be  reminded of the strong "stock" you come from.  I am proud of my ancestry. It is mixed with everything from scoundrels to the very strongest and best of people.  I have gained an insight into why I am the way I am.  A conversation  this evening, with my Mum reminded me of this. Genetics is powerful.  I am a descendant of  those that came over on convict ships from England on a journey to Australia. They became everything from Artists to Ship Company owners. This makes me proud.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

A Thank You

Thanks Bethie for the colour 562! It rocks!

Painting in Progress

A section of a large painting that is in progress ..... Why just post the finished product?  A visit to  Sam and Barb's garden on the South Shore..... I had a chance to tour a beautiful garden with every plant on the planet! Several fish ponds too. I have decided that Koi are amazing.  Oh No! I am running out of names for all the fish in Robin's pond! He has the most beautiful fish. I have made it my mission to befriend each and every one of them. I love to sit with the two Labs beside me and feed them.( The fish, not the labs. Ok so, the labs get a bit too. The Labs like the fish food too.) One poor fish has only one eye. I was feeding her the other day and her lips touched my fingers. Perhaps a small thing but what a rush. All creatures are amazing. I once was out on a boat in the South and came across some Manatee, I decided to swim with them... I was overwhelmed.  A mother, father and baby.... this is what makes life amazing.   

Saturday, August 13, 2011


My amazing and quirky friends were here for their VK this past two weeks. I love them. They are dear to me. Spent yesterday painting on the deck by the sea with Bethie and her great guy Gary and Molly the cutie girlie dog. While Beth and I painted, drank some wine, Gary (being a fabulous photographer) took pics of our masterpieces and their  metamorphosis . He then took shots of my very messy paint stained hands. I love this group of  friends. They make me laugh until tears roll down my cheeks. It is better than any drug on the planet. Tempting to move back there. Although, I love the sea, and know that no matter how far they are we all care about each other. No agenda, no bullshit.
A HUGE congratulations to Tam and Heather on the birth of their baby boy!!! OK you guys, so you were here and  the little guy was born only a few days after you left! Almost a Nova Scotia Baby!!! Since you were sitting laughing by the sea Tam, he will have brine in his veins. A very good thing! I have sent him the wish and light of creativity. My gift to him. However, I know with the beautiful,, creative parents he has, he will be blessed with that anyway. (Jeez, I was wrong about the sex) Who cares, he's here!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A door may close, but a window opens!

The rain is pissing me off! I know it is quite beautiful at times, however, as my Pops says "nuff said". Trying to work but I keep staring out the studio glass door. Not very productive I must say. Have to learn to adjust my painting style and positioning. Physio guy (I like to call him that) says it isn't helping my wretched neck. He told me to have a good weekend but not get too carried away with the vino thing as I may do something crazy to hinder my progress. Thoughts of me rolling down hills, dancing like a magic monkey and trying out strange yoga positions with my good buddies from Toronto made me say to myself  "Self, is he thinking what I am thinking at this very moment?"  The thoughts of him imagining me doing the magic monkey dance freaked me out. Artist's are nuts!  Oh ya, and Heather, I don't mean nut dusted! Although at times, possibly.
 I also found out that sometimes when you tell a white lie.. the goddesses approve by making the lie you told the truth. I just  love the goddesses!!! 

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