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Friday, September 9, 2011

Sometimes it isn't so fun!

OK, so after procrastinating for a few weeks now, I finally got off my butt and organized my studio. I do have a good excuse though. I was lazy. Yup, that's my good excuse.  All the other artists out there know how that feels. The air is quite often blue. Throwing out tubes of paint that are barely usable breaks our hearts. We are not a ruthless breed and tend to save small drops of the last bit of Quin Red just in case. I think A&E should have a show on artists and their hoarding of art supplies.  After spending 20 minutes trying to decide whether to save an old "discovery painting", I caved and took it outside to the fire pit and burned it. I stood there with glass of wine in hand and watched it disappear.  Felt good to do it and after clearing my head of that, had a whole renewed sense of "let's get to it".  I know that I have gone into near convulsions when other artist friends of mine have burned unwanted works..so..I take it all back. You are right! Forgive me for being a harpy.

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