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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lesson Learned

Still Life Quick Sketch Charcoal on Paper (Sold)
(speaking of quickly)

I have been so busy with everything lately. Today, I was driving home from visiting Bedford the "Old Yeller" Lab. I pulled the car over on the way home and well, just stopped. I pulled over to a pond that is on the way home to Mo Bay where in the spring, the frogs are chirping so loudly, it sounds symphonic. I love that. It is not Spring so all was quiet. I realized that I move too fast. Everything I do is done quickly. I walk quickly, I speak quickly, I get jobs done quickly. (well most of them) I realized, as I sat there beside that pond, that I need to be much more like Bedford the Old Yeller Lab.

Every morning, Bedford travels around Lunenburg to say hello to people and get his cookies. Much like a person goes down to get a paper, sits and has a coffee at their favourite café and just keeps in touch with other humans. In his case, it is mostly for the cookies.

It was a Saturday when Bedford (he still hasn’t learned that on the weekends the Post Office is closed) happened to wander in when a lady who had a key to the main door, went in to retrieve her mail. In he shot. Well, she tried to coax him out but there he sat, in his usual spot awaiting his three cookies that the Postal Clerks give him (when they are open of course). He refuses to leave until he has been given three. Yes, he can count.

The Post Office was dark, and still he sat. Patiently. All was fine as Bedford was finally rescued only five minutes later. His human companion now has a key for off hours just in case.

My point is, he was patient and would have sat there until Monday until the staff came in. In absolutely no hurry. I am sure of this. I need to be more like him. Slow down and wait for the cookies.

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