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Sunday, December 30, 2012

On the Street Where You Live

Oil on canvas in progress....

Here I am, in the studio again. I have been dragging out my oils lately just because it has been so long since I have played around with them.  It's hard because as much as I love the smell of Turp, Oils and Linseed, the smell of it isn't always appreciated by the rest of the world. By world, I mean those living in the vicinity, those visiting and some students. So... it is a stormy day here, no students for 3 days,  now is the time! Then, for those above on the surface... a very fancy and totally cool nose plug?
It is a "play day" for me so the above work is finished, or not, or perhaps eventually painted over. 
So now that I have exhausted myself painting... I will curl up and watch old movies...I just thought the other day, when watching some people walk by, how it reminded of  the song from My Fair Lady".... "On the Street where you live"

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Happy Holidays and all that you celebrate this time of year!
Love from me XXX000

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Elise... sold

How sad to think that our society has come to a point where killing adults is not bad enough, but shooting children has, it seems to me, become far too frequent.    
I am against guns of any kind, for any reason. I know that they will always be there. It seems a world without them is impossible. People need to be protected by the police, we have our military who must carry them. Therefore they are obtainable. Perhaps in the wake of what has happened, and the fact that many of these incidents have taken place because there were guns in a home, Americans might just put in place a new law... name it the Newtown law where no one may have a handgun or gun of any kind in a home where anyone under the age of 25 years old resides. I know this would not solve the problem but I do believe it would save lives.  Yes, guns are obtained illegally. However, in many of these horrible situations, the weapons have been obtained from their own homes. In Canada it is more difficult as handguns are illegal. There are shotguns in homes, yes, all registered. (not a fan of having them in homes period, however, it's a start).
 Dear Americans:  Is it not worth giving up your right to have and hold a gun to save children's lives? I would give up my life to save a child, any child..so giving up the right to have a gun in the house is nothing..... 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Italian Pots and Oil Etching

Oil Etching Italian Pots
I experiment all the time. I took a sketchbook on a trip and am so glad as now I have them to look back upon when in the studio. I can flip through the pages and when I get in the mood to go crazy with mediums, I have a subject.  I love to experiment with all kinds of techniques. I am a firm believer in, it is not always the final painting that matters, it is the journey.  I have become braver over the years and post things that perhaps I would never dream of selling but the works have taught me a lesson (or even several). I have oil paint all over my hands, arms and probably my face (I haven't looked in the mirror yet but surely I have). This is good. I am so happy inhaling Terp and Linseed......    

Friday, December 7, 2012

The big big city and taxes....mixed medium
I had the unique pleasure this week to explain (or try to) the concept of taxes to a couple of 10 year olds. 
The question arose when the topic of schools came up. I have two students that take a class together. One is in the Public system, the other in Private. Both are truly quite brilliant and I, at times find it a challenge to answer the questions that come out of the "mouths of babes". These babes anyway. I am always very proud of myself when I give them a reasonable answer  and I think  "hey,  quite smart of me" as I brush the beads of sweat off my brow from the stress.
 In this instance, I explained how a  portion of the money that their parents make is given to the government to pay for such things as public education, medical care etc etc....
Of course they got it with those young brains that are loaded with so much grey matter
If you ever get a chance to watch two ten year olds debate (yes this is what happened) over what should be taxed and who... it is quite the thing. Look out you future Politicians, I have a few here now and I am getting an early debate.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Tulips (Sold)

I am publishing this email from someone.... I rarely do this... but the fact that a person expressed this thought to me... well, all I can say is.. I am so lucky . They are an artist and scholar so I am honoured. Thank you.... If we all encouraged each other in the way they have just encouraged me, I say, as they did, the world would be a better place. Thank you. 

   Here is the email: 

  I've been reading your blogs. Absolutely bloody marvellous! I love the way you write. Funny, witty, and so erudite. But most of all heartfelt, and within each little story there lies a moral for living. It should be basic reading for Life 101. The world would be a better place! And the art work is fabulous too. You should also mention that you not only teach Little ones like baby w.h.n, but also older sods like me who are  forever in your debt. And don't roll your bloody eyes!!


Sunday, December 2, 2012

It's always time for a change!

My new poster for the "New" year!
 I had a request for, believe it or not, something that someone could wear that had a painting of mine on it. Wow. I think that will be a challenge, however, I will experiment with silk.
  I have decided that so many good things have happened this year and that means that you should change it up to match the new groove...so... here it is.. my new "logo" poster/all the stuff you put this on  "thing"!   Look for this new one in January..... 

OK, so on another topic, I teach a young student who I just adore. (actually, I adore all of them but this wee girl I have been teaching for 5 years now). She was my first student at the very beginning when I remember being so worried about teaching. I just wanted to make sure that I taught the right things and made it so fun for them that they would appreciate art for the rest of their lives. Not so much pressure eh? Anyway, she arrives early at times and I enjoy our time together. When she started she was around eight or nine. I remember her coming to the door and saying in her sweet little voice " I am so glad you are not a boy". Now she is older we have conversations about boys. Oh my God! I know a bit but not without my fair share of mistakes and disasters. Oh wait! Perhaps that is what it is all about. Teach her not to make the mistakes I did in the past.. I love it, as she listens and takes note.. As she so gracefully puts it when I explain how boys think.. and girls think.. she says in a slightly older voice "I think I know what you mean Anya..it's "girlology"..

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