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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Attack of the Giant Lobster

Whirl Spin

The other evening I went for a drive and met up with someone I know who had been diving for scallops and lobsters. I pulled over to the side of the road beside the ocean to say hello and noticed he wore his diving suit and just knew that he had been out foraging the sea for his next meal. Lo and behold in the boat was a cornucopia of fresh seafood. Unfortunately my wetsuit is not one designed for the colder temps so it is something, unless I want to spend more money on, I cannot do. I would still love to try it! Not sure if I can hold my breath that long though. I would become too enthralled with being in the sea and get all excited and probably drown. I must practice this "breath holding" in the tub!

He proudly held up his catch for the day. All was well and happy as I left the shore as the sun began to set.

A typical evening and off to bed. Little did I know the visuals of this evening would wander into my dreamy world.

The whole thing began on a deck.  I had some lobster and anyone that knows me well, knows that seeing me eat lobster is a definite scene from a Fellini movie. ( Quite fitting considering Fellini’s neorealism period and interest in Jung)

After enjoying the lobster eating binge in my dream, I entered a house and was then chased by a huge human sized lobster with a cartoon head. Claws clipping the air and snapping wildly.

I have decided that lobster is now not on my menu. I try my very best to eat as low on the food chain as I can. No meat, just fish and shellfish. So now that is one less thing. Plankton is looking quite good at this point! Perhaps not as many nightmares.... Unless there might be giant plankton .....

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Universe has its Pearls

Today was one of those days where all is right with the world. We all want more of them and I am beginning to see that the more you expect them, the more they arrive. I had some people in my gallery today that had purchased a painting of mine a few years ago. At that time, I was not sure who purchased it as it was not at my gallery. It was a mixed medium work of a woman in a hat. The title of the work was “It Was Her Passion, The Finest Of Hats”.  She told me that her Mum had been a milliner and she just loved it. That is what art is about. It made me happy.

Although the town seemed quiet today, I had a busy day at my gallery. Purchases were made as well as more than coincidental connections. Connections with the past and apparently ones for the future as well. Yesterday, I had friends stop by just to sit and chat. I always want my studio and gallery to be like that. One of the reasons I love owning my own gallery. To have a place where good hearted people pull their cars into the driveway to visit and share experiences, talk about life and art. That is amazing. Since I was 16, all I ever wanted was to be an artist and have a gallery. I guess it just goes to show that if you want it badly enough, you will do it. To be able to paint and do what you love and it be appreciated  by those close to you and by strangers , is beyond the beyond.  Here’s to celebrating doing what you love......

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Abstract Landscape

I have recently begun creating some Monotypes. I like these as it is original work but a change from painting on canvas. Although the word "type" makes it sounds like a million prints are done, in this case, not so. Only one is produced. A painting is done on a smooth hard surface (I use glass) and only one print is made.  It lends itself to abstract.  Speaking of abstract, I don't do a lot of them. I enjoy it and  I know some artists can actually produce them constantly. I have to be in the mood for them. The few I have done I have sold. This piece has two smaller works that go with it. They are all framed in white with a wide matt.

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