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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Finally completed. Now to finish my commissions.

I have a few commissions that MUST be finished. At least I have finished one recent painting. Yay me!

 It is the time of year for fruit flies and although I am not a huge fan of them landing in my wine and food, I do respect them for the ability and speed at which they procreate.  It does become a problem though, when they are in such a "gang" that they begin writing graffiti on my kitchen cupboards. Little messages such as "leave us more tomatoes" and "we like the red grapes you are buying."  I decided that I really must do something. Being the critter sensitive person that I am, I thought the best way to rid my kitchen of them was to "throw them their own party." I thought to myself, if you guys like my wine so much, I will leave you some in a little wine glass. OK, so the next morning, there was evidence of  some obvious over drinkers in the crowd. We all know what can come of a night of  too much spirits. I think that the party got out of hand in the night and I found myself with a hell of a lot more than the day before.

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