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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Agent "J"

Orchids..commission sold

I am now officially enamoured with Agent "J" at Bell Aliant.
I have struggled with the wars of technology. By this I mean phone companies and Internet providers for home use. I now have become a bit of a schmoozer girl. I don't believe in playing people one against the other but when it comes to the big "corps" it is a necessary evil. 
So, I am trying to get the best possible deal on the planet. Yes, isn't that the way to survival. Now, don't get me wrong, I have done many  things for free. I have decorated and colour consulted for folks and businesses. I have aided friends with their painting projects either on canvas or walls, even taught for free at times but when it comes to huge companies making big bucks all bets are off. 
So today I spent , I have to say, a wonderful time on the phone with as I call him "agent J" at Bell Aliant.  I decided to treat agent "J" as if he were a boyfriend.... I told him him how much I loved him (Bell Aliant) and then proceeded to let him know that it was time we  perhaps needed  to"break up" as Eastlink was calling me and wooing me on a date with them... Just like a wanting beau, he gave me a deal I could not resist. I accepted.... I am now paying next to nothing and feel like a girlfriend well treated....


  1. Now that is the Angela I remember and LOVE !!!!!!!!!

  2. I haven't changed an iota :)


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