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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Soaker Level!

A collection of Wellies

I have these boots. Yes, another bloody collection. I absolutely love wellies, galoshes, rubbers (not the kind you are thinking, the ones that don your feet) I have not a foot fetish at all. It isn't even a love for tons of rain. It is the wonderful feeling of putting on a really cute pair of wellies, rolling up your boyfriend jeans, and heading out into the wet weather.  Nowhere in particular to go..just some place where you can show off, not your Prada heels, but your colourful patterned rain boots. 
It is amazing that when people get a buzz in their ear that you love or collect something they start to remember you when they cross the path of one of these "items". Tonight some friends dropped by and gave me the most perfect pair of  children's wellies... I love that! I was so excited that I hauled out some of my rain boots, a polka dot umbrella, threw them all together and  took a pic.. I only wish I had a size 7 1/2 of these little boots they brought. They  have a  level of water and the threat to the wearer on them. I wish life would warn you the same way these little rain boots do. They say at the very top.."Soaker Danger". If only we had that!    Ok... Yes, I am still 3 years old at heart.

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