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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Quick Lunenburg Sketch...on a napkin

I sat at the harbour in my car one day with my veggie Subway sub which I now know perhaps may not be an actual 6" long but only 5".. (I have a theory about that but it is probably too sexist to comment on) OK, I will.  It must be males that started up the Subway chain and we know how they do exaggerate at times...hmmm... Anyway, I am never without something to draw with so I sat  my "6 inch" sandwich down and opened the glove compartment and rustled through it for my ink pen. Still not sure why they call it a glove compartment as mine is stuffed full of everything but gloves. Had a very happy moment when I found my Wonder Women Pez smiling up at me. That is a good omen!
 It's a struggle to close my "glove compartment" at the best of times and usually done with a high heel and a good kick. Don't even try to picture this... yes, one leg swung over from the drivers seat. It can be done you know. I found my pen and grabbed a spare napkin......an artist that will not draw or write on the nearest "support"?  Not likely! 

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