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Saturday, January 26, 2013

A tree (watercolour) 8x8" sold
  I always get a chuckle when folks discuss Existentialism.  I remember when I was about nine years old finding a book in our overloaded bookshelf  "Existentialism and Totalitarianism .  Our "library" (this description  I use quite loosely) was full of  Maoism, Marxism, Leninism etc...Anthropology, Archeology, Psychology  etc etc. Yes, at nine years of age I actually thumbed through them. I obviously did not understand those things at that time, however,  later in life I understood much more about them.
I did know that I lived in a very different household than many people I knew.
This is confirmed when your parent allows you to view a Mark Prent exhibit when you are 12.  It was a great experience even if it was a little gruesome.  My contribution at nine years old to our again, "library" was taking out the dictionary and being a young artist at that time, drawing pictures in the margins beside the definitions. Oops!  
But what makes me laugh when I just hear the word existential....  it reminds me of someone I knew a couple of years ago, that tried to throw that word out there to impress.  I always think of him and smile. I said nothing when he said he "studied it".  

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