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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My New Year Resolutions

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Every year we make resolutions that we think we will stick to.  I thought about some of the things that were perhaps bad for me that I should give up, or even things that I should change in my life. Problem is, those  that I thought of really weren't that much of a disgrace. It's not like years ago,  when I had  an addiction to Hickory Sticks. You know those smokey little sticks that if you are an addict, you desperately try to muffle the noise of the bag when you open it? Ya, those ones. I managed to give those up. It was painful. Frightfully so.
Mac and Cheese..just can't do it...my wine..don't think so...oh, and as far as things I should change in my life..not now..it's all working for me. So... I finally decided that I would give up Lima Beans and Brussel Sprouts....I think we should set ourselves up for success and not failure. 
P.S.  I guess you get the idea that I strongly dislike those two foods....Happy New Year.


  1. Lima beans and brussel sprouts. Yeah, I can live without them. In fact, I have been. Darn, if I had been eating them then I could have given them up, too.

    For me it's cabbage. My father use to force me to eat it until I would gag. Sat at the kitchen table staring at cold cabbage wondering how I could manage it given that it tasted disgusting hot. Tried hiding it under the mashed potatoes claiming I was full, but they could see the sprigs of green sticking through, like leaves through a snowbank.

    To this day, when I have cabbage (usually raw) I have district memories of sitting in that kitchen. Sometimes being Irish has its downside.

    It is definitely a happy New Year when we can look at ourselves and say, for the most part, we are pretty pleased.

    That calls for a glass of wine.

  2. Happy New Year
    My goodness I remember the Hickory Sticks addiction. I am now in my 50th year. No more resolutions and no regrets. Maybe one addendum MORE HICKORY STICKS.
    Take Care Anj

  3. You guys have the best attitude!
    hugs XXXXX


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