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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Not Again!!!!

Pen and Ink (Sold)
Not my brakes again!!! Yes. That
 is now 4 times in 2 months. Now it must be said that I am not having them repaired by my hillbilly handfishin' relative, who lies in the driveway under the car bellowing for another brewski! They have been repaired at a reputable mechanics garage. Should I get the hint? Either the universe is sending me a message or perhaps my "reputable" mechanic is as they say "not so much".
It makes me wonder about the universe, the messages it sends or if you don't believe all that, who might gain from your demise! OK, so art work, perhaps in another 60 to 100 years. Probably not worth knocking me off for. Insurance, don't have any..(it just gives people reason to "knock you off") It all makes me wish that I had taken Auto Mechanics in high school so I could crawl under that big heap of metal and fix this stuff myself.


  1. well put doll!

  2. oh yaaaa baaaby! (as my hero Austin Powers would say)


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