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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Iris- when we're tired and sad....we paint what we feel.. rough edges and all.

Iris (Sold)

This painting is perhaps "primary" looking. I must explain. It was painted after Swiss Air flight 111 crashed into the sea. I remember it was my first night in Nova Scotia at the "Dog Bite" motel. I was in bed, and heard what sounded like an explosion muffled under something.  Only way I can describe it. I sat up, and my dog Barclay, raised his head with that tilt that dogs do when they are listening and deciphering sound. I,  for some reason had a sinking feeling. I get that when things happen sometimes.  An explosion perhaps? The next day as I wandered out of my motel  room door, I met our "neighbour" a great old salt of the earth ex fisherman, who informed me of the crash. I thought to myself...I heard the sound of the last of those passengers lives.  I am reminded of this as there was a documentary on this evening about the accident and the lives lost.. I will never ever forget that.

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  1. well written and very poignant


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