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Friday, April 27, 2012

The problem with names...

Sold....and I didn't name it..
Silkscreen and Monotype combined

I did this for pure pleasure. The paint had barely dried, someone saw something they liked in it and off it went. Well, isn't that what art is about? 
 This brings me to names...I was out last night and it's funny, I have two of them. Yes, Anya is sort of similar to my real first name however, an amazing artist I met eons ago, was painting with me and he pronounces his  "j"s as "y"s. I won't get into much more of that but the new name stuck. I kept it. The problem only arises when my long time friends and family introduce me in the "old way".  I like it. They know me as both.  So last night my S.O introduced me as, well, the old name. Two seconds later, someone came up to me and I introduced myself as Anya. I laughed at the quizzical look on peoples faces. Not a problem, I am an artist, I am quirky and I will call myself whatever I want to be called. Who knows, perhaps I'll really screw everyone up and change it again. (just kidding) And no I am not running from the law.


  1. Hi Edward..
    Thank you for your great comment. I always love to see the amazing work of other artists. You work is fantastic! Love the colours and sensitivity. The colours in "Unknown Creek" are amazing and "Poverty" strikes such an honest chord. Love them both. Funny, my family is from Australia! Perhaps six degrees of separation. I look forward to seeing much more of your work.
    P.S. Love your photos as well. Your son seems to have inherited your great talent..
    Anya Holloway


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