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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Another day another dollar...

Villa in Italy (Sold)

So this week I have sold a couple of paintings. This was cause for me to go out and get my self some extra things that I wanted and of course, being the responsible (on occasion) person that I am, to pay off some bills as well. I was also able to bank a little more for my villa in Italy.  I will buy an old place that needs lots of love and fixing up.


  1. OK. So we are back. Not because we want to be back. We ate great food and drank great wine all across Italy with nary a fast food joint in sight. Actually, we did see McDonalds in Rome, but we choose to ignore it.

    So, my first day back and I get a telemarking call for Visa that will give me points for Harveys, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a number of other fast food places. Really. I just got back from a gastronomic orgy and you are offering me this? I hung up.

    I am now officially spoiled.

    The other Gary

  2. I guess! Isn't the food just to die for? I never eat at fast food places and you are so right after eating the food there, you are spoiled! haha I often throw on my Italian music and start cooking, pretending I am there and seeing the beautiful light outside my Italian kitchen window... ahhhh to be there again. Glad you had a blast! :) :) Lets all go again together K?


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