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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The little things that are not so little...

Froya and her huge heart (a gift) 

Art teachers... In high school,  I had an instructor that actually took one of my works and ripped it up in front of the class because I slightly changed the still life that she set up for us to paint. I don't fault her, she must have had a bad day or was really frustrated at the time. I remember the feeling though and never wanted anyone to ever feel that. When I started to teach, it was a "given" that anything like that would NEVER happen to any of my students.. I think so far so good as the other day I was given the gift that you see above. It's funny, because  I was saying how little time I have had lately for painting and creating. I think the goddesses heard and decided to send me a reminder. The very next day I received this..... I promise to never forget that what I do matters. Thank you Froya....(one of our future artists)  I love the F "hearts" A...


  1. I have just waked back from the exact class you were in when your art was destroyed. There were 4 students and Ms. Ieracci creating in the class. On the shelf in this classroom is a beautiful book with your picture and Bio. Doesn't that just warm your heart.


  2. OMG! That really does warm my heart!!!! Thank you for that!


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