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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ok so....

HP and Ketchup on white plate.
 (photo courtesy of  S.R.C)

Ok so I haven't written in eons..So I sat a blank canvas up on my easel. Stared at it for awhile then decided that I needed to wash my floors. After that I decided it was time to perhaps eat something. Then went back and stared at the canvas again. I thought about drawing a vertical black line a little off the centre (just to be a little edgy) and then thought "no too edgy" and also a little lame.
So then I poured a glass of wine. I was sure that it would fill me not only with, well, wine, but that a flood of creative ideas would spark from my fingertips. HA.. not so much.  
You know you have to get your *&%* together when all you can come up with is the above.... a self portrait and your signature in HP and Ketchup on a white plate after you have had that "something to eat!" 

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