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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Elise... sold

How sad to think that our society has come to a point where killing adults is not bad enough, but shooting children has, it seems to me, become far too frequent.    
I am against guns of any kind, for any reason. I know that they will always be there. It seems a world without them is impossible. People need to be protected by the police, we have our military who must carry them. Therefore they are obtainable. Perhaps in the wake of what has happened, and the fact that many of these incidents have taken place because there were guns in a home, Americans might just put in place a new law... name it the Newtown law where no one may have a handgun or gun of any kind in a home where anyone under the age of 25 years old resides. I know this would not solve the problem but I do believe it would save lives.  Yes, guns are obtained illegally. However, in many of these horrible situations, the weapons have been obtained from their own homes. In Canada it is more difficult as handguns are illegal. There are shotguns in homes, yes, all registered. (not a fan of having them in homes period, however, it's a start).
 Dear Americans:  Is it not worth giving up your right to have and hold a gun to save children's lives? I would give up my life to save a child, any child..so giving up the right to have a gun in the house is nothing..... 

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  1. The sad truth is that children are such easy targets for psychotic people. If only there was a way to cure the madness.


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