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Sunday, December 30, 2012

On the Street Where You Live

Oil on canvas in progress....

Here I am, in the studio again. I have been dragging out my oils lately just because it has been so long since I have played around with them.  It's hard because as much as I love the smell of Turp, Oils and Linseed, the smell of it isn't always appreciated by the rest of the world. By world, I mean those living in the vicinity, those visiting and some students. So... it is a stormy day here, no students for 3 days,  now is the time! Then, for those above on the surface... a very fancy and totally cool nose plug?
It is a "play day" for me so the above work is finished, or not, or perhaps eventually painted over. 
So now that I have exhausted myself painting... I will curl up and watch old movies...I just thought the other day, when watching some people walk by, how it reminded of  the song from My Fair Lady".... "On the Street where you live"


  1. Love the painting. Don't paint over it. I have this feeling of a wet, misty day. Or perhaps that the way I feel whenever I hear my favourite show tune!!! On the street where you live - love it.

    Oh, and apparently "old" movies are now younger than me. When did that happen?


  2. Thanks Gary! Well, I will keep it.. I Love TCM channel and tend to stay up way too late watching it. After painting, I think..go to bed girl! But no..then I watch everything from Grand Hotel to The Lady Vanishes..hahaha


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