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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Scrounging around


Being in art school, I had to do many art history lessons. It's kind of fun discovering things that you had no idea that you kept (I found this in a portfolio tucked away in a closet) I remember one paper I had to do and also produce the paintings for. This drawing of cows was part of it. I wish I had more of the work that I had done then. I am sad to say (not to be melancholy about it,  I am overthat part of my life) but my ex, suffice to say, was not too happy with my departure. 
 He decided that an art bonfire was in order.  So, I lost a lot of that work.   It's so funny how people attack what they think will break your heart because they are so bitter and sad. When I first sold a painting, I remember kissing it goodbye (literally there was lipstick on the canvas).  Now, I am braver.  I am happy to see them go to a new home. What happens to them after that is up to the universe. There is one painting though, that I will always miss and it hangs in a home in Europe.


  1. Hey
    Cows are so beautiful !!!! ACM will be "knocked up soon " then she will be on the milk line. I was bragging about my "Artist Friend" you, to two people from Monaco. As I get older I think I'm most proud of all the people in my life that decided to "do it just a little bit different " I love the idea that your Art is all over the world.

  2. Thanks B! Nice words... I bet your trip was amazing. I can't wait for the pics! Do send them when you can K?


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