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Monday, March 19, 2012

Stitches and Cloth

Abstract Ink and Acrylic on Cloth(sold)

I am careful not to become to scheduled with my life. I know people that do the same things everyday and I you know just where they will be at a certain time, where they eat and what days and times. I guess it can be comforting and all but for me it causes angst and agitation. Today after returning home from having stitches removed from  Bedford the "Old Yeller" Labs foot, I decided to take a beach run. It is quite clear that I love the beach. I would pitch a tent and live on it if possible. I didn't sketch but sat and just looked. Although the work when I came home (above) was not at all sea related, it was one of those, just do it things. I grabbed some cloth and let the moment take over. These kinds of things are good "warm ups".      

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  1. hey doll, i like this..looks a bit like an old asian silk print (from my laptop anyway)


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