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Thursday, March 22, 2012

At the water

Tulips on Chair (Sold)
(I know this painting has nothing to do with my day)

Again, because of the nice weather...guess where I was? Not difficult. I sat at the beach. A van pulled up. I saw by the markings on the side that it was the local home for the aged.  I sat at the stoniest part of the waters edge as there are less people and it's quiet.  Out from the van popped  ( OK, popped is a bit extreme, perhaps slowly disembarked from the vehicle) a few seniors on an excursion to the beach.  The care giver that was in charge of this expedition, was amazing. A sense of humour to beat the band. I could hear the conversation about how they should have worn their bikini's considering all the sun we were getting and what a beautiful day it was. Hearing that, I decided that I will keep the body I have for another 40 years and wear one to the beach, much to the horror of all. 
 The dogs were there and approached in the wonderful way they do, to greet the newcomers to "their beach". They were gentle and respectful ( the dogs not the seniors. Oh, sorry, the seniors were too). I was thinking all was perfect in the world as I usually do with those proverbial rose coloured glasses that I don on almost every occasion, and lo and behold one of the seniors slips on a rock and falls. Being the ever prepared Girl Guide, (yes I was a GG) I had my trusty band aids, a sling as well 'cause you never know. My "beach mate" being the ever helpful person that he is, ran to assist. As I threw the band aids at him to take to the accident scene I thought, "Some fricken' girl guide I am". Good things always come out of things that aren't that great. After some conversation with the Care Worker, Bedford the ever faithful care dog will be visiting all the seniors at the residence. I can't wait. I will ask them if they would like a volunteer to perhaps teach some art classes. Hey, Bedford could come too! I love this...
P.S. The lady that fell was fine with just a wee scrape that a
 band aid soon fixed. 


  1. Hey
    I have always known who you are. Now in my old age and not having seen you for 16 years. I know just what you are made of. I swear it's the kindness and the careing that carry you thru this life. I really don't give a shit what some one does or how much money they make.It's how they live their day to day life. And with you I really love what I read.

    Keep those rose coloured glass planted firmly on your face.


  2. Thanks Girl!!!!!
    P.S. Hugs to you guys and kisses to ACM from me.....


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