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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Workshop Weekend

Workshop Weekend

I love to take art workshops. I look forward to them and they rejuvenate me.  I come home covered in the medium the workshop used. I am quite often exhausted but run down to the studio and experiment more with that which I just studied. My hands tell the tale for days afterwards as I am famous (or infamous) for choosing the messiest of them all. Last time it involved a type of intuitive drawing with charcoal. I was oblivious to what I looked like until coming home and seeing a ring of willow charcoal dust around my nose and mouth. I truly looked as if I had been inhaling WD 40 all day.  This explains the look on the faces of the people in the wine store who really were quite reticent to sell me a good Beaujolais . No worries, they know I am an artist, caved and rang up the bill.
This weekend it was Silk Screening. The last time I did this I was a kid. Not quite as involved as this process. I loved it.  I didn't do it in my post secondary art ed. I can't wait to incorporate it into my work. Art to me is like being a perpetual kid. It's always amazing..... It connects you with life.  


  1. oh my... silk screening....reminds me of those barb c. and eugenio telez romantic drama days ;)


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