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Thursday, March 15, 2012

An artists studio

My Studio or part of......

Yesterday I went on a hunt for a large piece of board for painting. I stopped at my local (Nova Scotia Building Supplies aka Castle Building and Hardware) store. The father of one of my students happens to be in charge of  that department. Talk about helpful. Not only did I sputter away about certain kinds of wood and boards not being suitable, but I continued  to use my own strange language such as " I can't use that 'cuz it's  too "warpy".  What an understanding man. In the end, his words were. "leave it to me". The next day two perfect painting boards were delivered by the kind delivery gentleman from the store (I  might add, with a huge smile). As I turned up my music to an extreme decibel, I primed them. All the while thinking, there are such great people out there! 

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