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Friday, March 16, 2012

Lunenburg (Sold)

Evening In Old Town (Lunenburg, Nova Scotia Canada)

I remember moving to the Maritimes 14 years ago. I stayed at a place I call the "Dog Bite Motel", while I waited to rent another place on the sea until the closing of the house I purchased.  One week in the "Dog Bite" and I truly wondered what the hell I had done. The motel was christened this as my amazing super dog Barclay, was lunged at by the proprietors dog. I was out gathering supplies for the tiny dingy kitchen in the place, and my spouse heroically, jumped in to save my "boy". He ended up with his arm in a sling  bitten to smithereens. As we sat on the couch, I watched as Barclay slowly crept up beside his newly found hero and gently rested his head on the big blue sling as if to say.."thank you for saving me dude". It's funny but this painting always reminds me of this. Don't know why....... 

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