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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Attack of the Giant Lobster

Whirl Spin

The other evening I went for a drive and met up with someone I know who had been diving for scallops and lobsters. I pulled over to the side of the road beside the ocean to say hello and noticed he wore his diving suit and just knew that he had been out foraging the sea for his next meal. Lo and behold in the boat was a cornucopia of fresh seafood. Unfortunately my wetsuit is not one designed for the colder temps so it is something, unless I want to spend more money on, I cannot do. I would still love to try it! Not sure if I can hold my breath that long though. I would become too enthralled with being in the sea and get all excited and probably drown. I must practice this "breath holding" in the tub!

He proudly held up his catch for the day. All was well and happy as I left the shore as the sun began to set.

A typical evening and off to bed. Little did I know the visuals of this evening would wander into my dreamy world.

The whole thing began on a deck.  I had some lobster and anyone that knows me well, knows that seeing me eat lobster is a definite scene from a Fellini movie. ( Quite fitting considering Fellini’s neorealism period and interest in Jung)

After enjoying the lobster eating binge in my dream, I entered a house and was then chased by a huge human sized lobster with a cartoon head. Claws clipping the air and snapping wildly.

I have decided that lobster is now not on my menu. I try my very best to eat as low on the food chain as I can. No meat, just fish and shellfish. So now that is one less thing. Plankton is looking quite good at this point! Perhaps not as many nightmares.... Unless there might be giant plankton .....


  1. Anonymous27 July, 2012

    Hey You
    What a quiwinky( i think that is how you spell it.) dink. i just purchased tickets for the B52s. I asked the boys if they wanted to come. No they said.My reply. "Anji would go with me" My we still have an amazing connection. I Love that. And if I haven't said it recently you have always been my favourite artist.
    SO ROCK LOBSTER.......

  2. I WOULD Go For Sure!! Love them.. Think of me when they sing rock lobster!!!! I will be there in spirit beside you.....:)


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