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Thursday, June 21, 2012


Iris 24x30 (Sold)

Yes, I know I have been lax as of late keeping up with my writings. I have finally completed this painting. Now that I have finished teaching my little "ducklings" for the season, I am beginning to open up my gallery for the summer.  I had a show for my students here at the gallery on June 16th. (Very well attended and I thank the many that did).  I wanted my students to experience a true artists show opening. I was so proud of them. They dressed up,  took the Arts and Entertainment reporter through the show and spouted off all the names of the artists they have studied this year. They proudly explained their work to her and handed out their bios that they had written. The picture appeared in the paper today and I rushed out to purchase copies. Wow! May seem like a small thing to some, but to me,  it was amazing. Hopefully the love of art will stay with them throughout their lives.


  1. Anonymous22 June, 2012

    I think i just subscribed to the Lunenburg County Progress Bulletin. What an amazing photo of your students. You must be so proud.


  2. hahaha ..now you will get to read our crazy news..Thanks for checking out the photo! :)


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