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Monday, May 21, 2012

What's Important

Pears (Mixed Medium, paint, pastel, ink, and all kinds of stuff thrown in) Sold

There are times in our lives when we find out what is important and what really isn't. Things happen, sometimes very small and we think "Oh! The trauma and drama". Then out of nowhere something truly serious rears it's ugly head.  It makes all the other stuff seem so insignificant. Each time we say to ourselves, "I will remember that" and then time goes by and we are right back where we started, worrying about the little things.  Life threw me a crazy curve ball reminder. It was a life or death kind of thing. I am so lucky that it all turned out just fine (I did do a lot of begging the powers to be to fix it and I thank them for listening and granting me my request). So now I sit here and think of all the trivial nonsense, and things that I thought bothered me, and laugh at them. They are meaningless. I found magic and strength in myself that I guess I always knew I had, but was too wrapped up in other peoples trash, that I missed it.  I am a wee bit tired though, so perhaps a nap, some beach time and back to the easel.......  Now my sense of humour will resume.  I had someone comment once on my blog about how I made their day. It was, I think, my quirky warped sense of humour that they appreciated. I like that about myself . However, there are times when we must be serious and I will not fool my readers/art blog followers by leading them to believe that I am all laughs and such. There must be both. It's what makes us human. A true balance for the artist. 

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