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Monday, March 26, 2012

So much to do so little time....

The Ochre Door (Sold)

Are not all artists slightly insane? Sometimes we sit and stress about not painting, and then we sit and stress about having too many ideas to put on canvas. I wonder how we get anything done at all. Between all that, is life. I have 3 major projects on the go at the moment. A couple of life ones too (all good). So at this point as I sit here, it looks like one big huge overwhelming pile of artistic/life stuff. Had a great phone call today re: art proposal. Now of course I add that to the list. Yikes. Guess I better wrap my head around it all and buckle down. Notice though, that I procrastinate and decided to blog instead? Typical! Was just looking at my air miles accumulation. I better take a VK. I could go far on those.  Oh wait! Got to get this stuff done first..Then off to somewhere to paint. hmmmm...... but where? I am open to suggestions.


  1. Hi
    Ok I will take a stab at this one. Maybe with a bandana on your head, sitting on a low stool and maybe a brand new pair of harem pants (pronounced harreeeem pants) you could paint a beautiful paintings in Ephesus Turkey. When Bill and I landed in Ephesus he said somthing that reminded me of you. "Oh Brenda where not in Kansas anymore"

  2. Too Funny! I like it. hmmm. Me in Harem pants...I wonder..hahaha


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