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Thursday, March 29, 2012

A tactile day... some good, some just way too creepy!

Simplified Silkscreen 

As I mentioned in a previous post, I took a silk screening class. Every year at this time, I take a workshop specifically so I can bring something back to show my students. (who I know will be our future artists)  
Thus the pictures above. I did these when I arrived home. I drew them and then screened them as an example.

After picking up art supplies, I decided to visit my 2 stellar labs. I love seeing them. They are a joy. So, apparently Bedford the Old yeller lab that is so calm you can take him anywhere went to the doggie store. He likes to shop. He was offered a really cool "thing" to chew. Wouldn't let it go if his life depended on it. So upon my arrival, I was shown this particular "thing". I am calling it "thing" as at the time I was truly unaware of what it was made  of.  So you have to get the picture, of a vegetarian chick, already not totally thrilled with touching this "thing" knowing that it sure wasn't vegetable or mineral.  He handed it to me (or "mouthed" it to me) and not wanting to hurt Old yellers feelings as he was so excited with the show and tell,  I took it from him. As I was praising him and saying what a wonderful new "thing" he had discovered, I was informed that it was, how do I say this delicately, probably one of the most important things to a male. (couldn't tell, it was dried)  Now if this doesn't make all the males I know, cringe, it should.  I dropped it so fast that I broke the speed of light. Yuck! So all and all it was a very tactile day.  
P.S. Just was told that I should have informed people that it was not human!  Like it would be? hahaha     

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