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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Corkums Island (Sold)

I have met some amazing people here. Last week I had fresh scallops delivered to my door. This week it was lobster which was cooked as I am a sucky pants and just can't do it myself. I was also taken to the local candy store (my first ever visit). In between all that, I taught. I thought that this almost monochromatic watercolour (for me it is, considering I am a colour nut) of an Island here, was in order as the scene is local, by the ocean and  the island is as beautiful as the local people.  After learning about warhead sour candy, enough to make you pucker up and double over, I then had a lobster tail with clarified butter. Although the idea of that diet will probably make my arteries scream, it was worth it.
Long live the people of the Maritimes. Thank you so much! 

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  1. i like the "mutedness" of this piece doll.


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