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Monday, February 20, 2012


Todi (Sold)
So.. I posted this the other day and then when trying to adjust some blog stuff, accidentally deleted the post. Leave it to me! So, I have put it on again.  I am in the studio and decided to take a little break from a painting I am working on (OK, two paintings I am trying to finish). 
I was on the phone with my sister last night. She is such a great sis. I always thought that she was the "grounded" one. She said that I was. Again with the how we see ourselves. It's funny because that same day, another friend of mine said that I was grounded. NO WAY! I am so not. I want to be, but really in the big scheme of things, who is?  I think perhaps being grounded is overrated. I think it is more interesting if you aren't. I would rather be remembered as quirky and off the wall.


  1. awe...you're sweet. ya, i know how you luv that one but there i said it anyway because its true ;)
    after some consideration i've come to the conclusion we are both grounded...only in different ways and we know which ones :)
    love you doll.


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