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Friday, February 10, 2012

The Gate

The Gate, Italy

 I have never commented on a yahoo video in my life. However, today I felt so inclined. Oh, I know, I will be chastised for saying this but little did I realize it was falling on the ears of the "rednecks" of the world.  Here is this so called "father" taking a gun and shooting his teenage daughters laptop for complaining on Facebook about her chore schedule and life at home in general.  In the video, he sits, a cigarette dangling in his hand, ranting, using abusive language (which I must add, Yahoo warns you about before viewing)  and to make a long story short, decides to punish his daughter by shooting her laptop and also adding an extra bullet for her Mum at the mother's request. I really have the feeling, that I don't belong on this planet. There were three thumbs up for the comment made to me that my reply to this was stupid.
 So basically, the gist of my comment was that this was not how to teach your children. A violent response begets a violent response. It's not rocket science.  Anyone who is cussing enough to make seasoned criminals sweat, should rethink his parenting skills.  Thus "The Gate" . I think perhaps, some of those folks should be behind it!

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