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Saturday, January 28, 2012

A trip...

House by the Sea (Watercolour 12x10)

 I took my art students on a trip today to the Mahone Bay Centre in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. It is an old schoolhouse that is now used for so many wonderful things that benefit the arts and the community. I have never been so proud to take a group of young artists anywhere. I must admit, I felt much like a proud mother duck, taking her ducklings on their first little "float" in the water. Their tiny webbed feet paddling along in a sea of information, and styles of art.  They were shy at first. I would be too, being young and seeing all these very talented artists and their studios. This was but a micro second as they soon were asking many questions and were able to overcome their diffidence. It was evident how much these talented people enjoyed sharing with these young future artists. I thank them. 
Even though, afterward, my car brakes failed (thank god in the parking lot of the store and not on one of our steep hills) nothing could rub the shine off what I experienced today.     


  1. doll, when did you do this? its beautiful!
    hey, not too funny about the brakes. thought you had them fixed. geesh...stay safe and easy on your fred flintstones :D

  2. You are such a brilliant teacher, and a wonderful artist. A combination that will stay with your students I'm sure for the rest of their lives.


  3. Did this a while ago. Thanks dol!Ya, brakes, second time this month! hmmm..hahaha :)

  4. Thanks R! Makes my day... Hope they keep creating art long after I have left this planet.

  5. Anj
    This is a beautiful painting. When ever the boys do something creative I tell them "you got that from your Aunti M "


  6. Thanks B... Half asleep I am! I was thinking of my Auntie M..haha I am glad they still know me as that!

  7. This is the picture that reminded me of our time on the deck of the cottage. It doesn't surprise me that you are a wonderful teacher as well.



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