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Monday, January 23, 2012

Sitting in a Chair

Ink/Mixed Medium 24x30 $600

I have this really funky chair in my living room. I love that thing. I am obsessed with it. It was a gift from a dear friend who is thoughtful beyond reason! I love that they bought it for me. That  and the fact that it was a gift that came out of the loss of something else means even more.  I don't let messy people sit in it so you know how I protect it. Even tidy people can only drink white wine in that chair....just in case. If there was a catastrophe, some people would grab their photo album's, their other precious belongings, I would attempt to carry that chair on my back to save it. (That and my faithful dog Barclay's ashes). The other day, after teaching, one of my students sat in that chair. For the first time, I saw a person who should be sitting in it. It looked "just right", kind of like Goldilocks sitting in the perfect bear chair. She looked so comfortable. Her blond hair in a pony tail cascading down her left shoulder and her small hands holding a couple of webkin baby lab dogs.  I think that her mother in a strange way, recognized it too. Her Mum said, that chair is such an "Anya" chair.  Perhaps, but her daughter placed so perfectly in it, made it the "perfect" chair....   

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