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Monday, January 16, 2012

Request to post earlier works

Stephans Laundry

 Pen and Ink 

I received an email from a follower wanting to know about my earlier works. Where are they and do I have any record of them?  I know where some are. Very early works,  I did not keep track of. I do know that the Pen and Ink went to another artist who admired it. That got me thinking about the first painting I ever sold. It was purchased by an American couple.  I have sold many since, but I will never forget that day. I guess an artist never does.   


  1. There is a wonderful collection of Anya Holloway. In the Great Room of 4292. On the walls are the early ok very early Anya Holloway works. There is not enough money in the whole world that would make me sell even one of this collection. I was in Venice last summer looking at Peggy Guggenheim's early Jackson Pollock collection. Anya's Pen and Ink are my Peggy and Jackson


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