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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Holy Hannah!

Floral (Sold)
Ok, now I really know the holiday season is upon us. In this case it was right directly upon two couples in the Canadian Tire store (in a town which will remain nameless as to not incriminate our area). It's exhausting looking for holiday lights. For one thing, all the white ones are always gone.... if you do find some, you know that when you get them home you get to play a little lottery light game. Your one Christmas wish is that the bloody things at least half light up. At my house, if half of the strand works it's cause for celebration. We break out the wine, clink our glasses, and decide where to hide the half that doesn't work.  Nothing is as nasty though, as the two couples that were in that hardware store. I suppose the lack of  sparkling lights on the shelf sent the four of them into a tizzy. A huge brawl  ensued. Both couples wanted those lights and well, that lack of holiday spirit just took over. Now we're not just talking a little heated conversation. Things were flying off shelves and two police cruisers arrived to break up the dispute. One of the unhappy shoppers ended up in the cruiser. "Dear Santa, please send bail money!"  I am not sure who ended up getting those lights but I want to wish them a Very Merry Holiday. 


  1. Please Please Please write a book. It would be a best seller.

  2. She is very creative so why not a book, too? I agree.


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