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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Finally coming out.

Landscape (Sold)

Yes, I am finally admitting the truth. Years of secrecy, skulking around back alleys, meeting with people that are just as torn up about their feelings as I am. Searching the Internet to satisfy my dark needs.  I am out and proud of it! 
I am a Pez collector. There, I have said it.  It may ruin me, however, I am willing to take that risk. I love those wonderful things with their sharp angular bodies.  The expression on the face of each character makes me shiver with delight. I carry one of the little darlings in my purse wherever I go. It has saved me many times. If you want to diffuse a bad situation, pull that little candy carrying gadget with its beautifully sculpted face, out of your bag and place it on the table.
Either the principal players in the event will run for cover or burst into peels of laughter.  I count on the latter. They have cheered up friends that are down, stopped me from walking into the water, and soothed crying children. If an object has this much power it must be something of greatness. And so it is. I counted how many I have obtained over the years....107. I am a true believer in the worth of Pez. I have Pez from countries all over the world. Now, just to buy more refills for them . Never mind the Governor General award in the arts, I want to have my likeness on a Pez!


  1. That does not surprize me in the least. We all gotta come out sometime. Have a Wonderful Christmas. Billy and I made the ultimate decision we would rather be sittin in the sand and the sun with a Corona this year.

  2. Wow, I never knew that about you my friend, and yet, so fitting:) I may start calling you Pez Dahling;) I love being pleasantly surprised by the people I thought I knew, it's delightful.

  3. Ahh.. but this is how I am.. Warped sense of humour. (I really do have that Pez collection and I love it!)

  4. I can't collect anything digestible. I've tried, but I just eat them. I've spent a lifetime trying to collect wine and, well, you know how that turns out.

    "Let me show you my wine collection. Yes, the bottles are empty, but look at how many there are . . ."

    If I collected Pez, I would eat them like candy. Oh, right, they are.

  5. I think perhaps you have it right... It's much more fun to drink or eat a collection that can be "digested". I'm with you my friend!

  6. Pez for Prez. No doubt would do a better job.



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