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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Three Sailboats. (Sold)

 I have a few friends that are older than I am and it's great as they give me the heads up on what is to come.  I feel I have a special edge on the future. My favourite heads up advice is not that I should save for retirement or what to invest in so I can live a very comfortable life. It's the girlie advice. Perhaps shallow, but great to know.  Things like, I won't have to shave my legs 3 times a week in about 20 years. Stay out of the sun and you'll look better and not have as many wrinkles. Wear sunscreen on your hands.  Don't get too many places waxed (hmmm) as eventually it might not grow back. Keep wearing 3 inch heels.
 (I will because 50 years from now I want to be able to maneuver my walker while wearing them.)  
It's all really good advice. Obviously from women. Not to leave out the boys.... they also contribute with their words of wisdom. Here are a couple..... Just wait until you start forgetting stuff and one of two things will happen, you will either become a crabby old lady or mellow with age. Either way at least with the girlie advice I'll look good! 

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